A Guide to the Benefits of CBD Oil

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CBD oil is a popular health supplement which has been available on the high street for some time due to a number of reported benefits and ingredients.  It has also captured news headlines over the past few years due to the fact that, despite emanating from the cannabis or hemp plant, it is legal to purchase and use within the UK.  There are clear reasons for this, and we will discuss them with you in a little detail with you in this short post.  In the meantime, it is also well worth reading up on how CBD is made and administered if you are considering purchasing some of the supplement for yourself or for a loved one.


What is CBD?

CBD oil derives from the cannabis plant, but has a different molecular structure to that of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, which derives from the same source.  THC is the element of the plant which creates artificial highs and which may stimulate addictive behaviour.  CBD, however, due to its difference in genetic makeup, is considered safe and legal for sale both on the high street and online.  There has been extensive research into the various benefits and applications of CBD over the years, which means it is continuing to grow in popularity with a variety of world markets and audiences.  In any case, it is always important to understand the facts behind the supplement before you introduce it into your diet or routine.


CBD Oil and The Law

Laws will differ across the world, and while it is difficult to obtain any derivatives from the cannabis plant for purposes of research or otherwise elsewhere in the world, you are currently able to purchase the supplement in the UK without legal repercussion.  Medical licensing is yet to pick up CBD oil as a product which can be offered for medicinal intention, however, it is perfectly legal for users to purchase and supplement the oil as part of their daily diet.  Any oil derived from the hemp plant available for sale cannot possess more than 0.2% THC in its makeup by law.


How Do I Take CBD Oil?

CBD Oil is very easy to take throughout the day.  Oil will generally arrive with a dropper for you to apply the supplement directly into your mouth, generally recommended to do so just underneath your tongue.  It is then recommended that you retain the oil there for around a minute before swallowing.  Advice may vary, but it is generally encouraged that no more than fifteen drops per day are administered, or that no more than three administrations per day take place.


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