What is CBD and THC?

CBD oil is a widely-used food supplement which is derived directly from the hemp plant.  Unlike THC, which is also derived from the same source, it does not create highs or stimulate addictive tendencies – and it can be extracted from the plant in a variety of different ways.  Each way is considered safe and conclusive, meaning that these are considered sure fire routes to obtaining the oil without taking THC with it.  It is important to understand that CBD and THC must be kept separate during the process – as THC remains part of what makes cannabis an illegal substance in the UK.  CBD oil, meanwhile, is perfectly legal for use, though it is not yet subject to medicinal licensing.  Here are few ways through which the oil can be directly obtained from the plant.


Solvent Extraction

One of the most common ways to extract CBD oil from the cannabis plant directly is to use a solvent to draw out the supplement.  This is widely used, though it is noted that in some processes, traces of solvent can be left behind.  This can be potentially dangerous if a cheap solvent is used, such as hexane, meaning it is highly recommended that quality ethanol is utilised during the process instead – if at all.  Solvent extraction can also destroy parts of the cannabis plant itself, such as its waxes.


CO2 Extraction

A safer method – though one which always needs to be carried out by the right person and the right equipment – is to apply pressure upon the cannabis plant itself with carbon dioxide, or CO2.  CO2 extracted CBD oil is widely available for purchase, and is drafted by experts who have considerable training.  It’s therefore considered one of the more sought-after extraction methods for end users, as it can produce purer oils for purchase.


Can You Extract CBD Oil Yourself?

Many people throughout the world extract CBD oil from hemp from home, though as possession of cannabis outright is considered illegal in the UK, it is recommended that you avoid doing so under your own steam.  Creating your own CBD oil cannot guarantee that you receive pure, safe oil to use – and what’s more, purchasing supplements which are cleared for sale from an online store or high street brand remains legal and you have the assurance that the supplement has been processed with legality and safety in mind.


Does Extraction Matter?

When it comes to extracting CBD oil from hemp, it is a good idea to lead with a supplement that is readily available in stores.  Deriving the oil yourself is not advised in the UK – and it is also worthwhile considering the pros and cons of deriving with solvents and with CO2.  CO2 is considered the ‘purest’ method of extraction – and you can find CO2 extracted CBD oil readily available in our store.  For more information, contact HOW CBD Oil today, email our team at your convenience – info@howcbdoil.co.uk – we’ll be happy to help!

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