Angela M, Birmingham

“I have suffered from anxiety and depression for many years. I have been reluctant to use prescribed medication as I was nervous of the side effects and long term reliance on them. When I tried How CBD Oil I began to feel more confident in myself. I had more motivation to get out there and enjoy life and I feel less nervous or worried in general. I cant believe I didn’t try this before”


Steve C, Yorkshire

“I began using How CBD Oil a few months ago. Within just a few minutes, I was moving about with ease and the pain I have each day in my joints and limbs was eliminated. I didn’t even realise straight away until I stopped and thought ‘I cant feel my pain’. Its wonderful and is changing my life”


Jacqueline Scully – My first 24 hours after taking CBD

“Within the first hour, I noticed that I could put more pressure on my left leg when I stood up to walk, without having constant shooting pains in my leg. Within another three hours, I felt completely calm and felt clear in my thinking process, even whilst I was being told by a friend, how badly my daughter had misbehaved whilst I was gone. Despite this my emotions and demeanour was calm. I also found that my mood and outlook, whether I was on my own or talking with others, was pleasantly more positive.

On waking up the next morning, I immediately realised four things… One was that I’d slept straight through the night without waking, no getting up to use the toilet or having ‘night-sweats’ This was amazing for me, as I’ve been suffering with menopause/hormonal changes for some time now, without any let-up. Plus my skin felt great too!”

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